Don’t like Play Music? Try DoubleTwist Music Player.

A lot of people find the features of Play Music limited. The interface is not the best `either. We have found an amazing alternate to it. It is called DoubleTwist and it is one of the most popular  music player on the Google Play store. It has an eye pleasing interface with notification controls and a lock screen widget. The application is quick and it’s free any major hiccups. It is just the best on the market, our guarantee!

Top live android wallpapers!

A thing we noticed is that the LWP section in the Play Store is strange. They are not well categorized and some are not even LWPs. Great webpages our springing up for LWP. One of the best and my personal favourite is ‘‘. It is a great website. The interface clean, smooth and easy to use. They even develope their own LWPs whichis quite cool! Be sure to give them a visit if you love LWPs. we love their site.

Have you maintained your device lately(All-In-One Toolbox)?

Any smart phone or tablet from today’s time will need maintenance. This maintenance requires multiple steps. First you must clear the cache. Next, you must clean your SD card  removing thumbnails, etc. Lastly, clean history such as downloads, browser, and clipboard, Market, Gmail, etc. Doing all of this manually could be difficult hence we recommend an app called All-One-Toolbox  available on the play store for free. This will do all of these easily and give you a bunch of other useful features.

A must have App – MX Player

So one thing about Android is that the default video player has a good interface but can not play HD videos such as mkv,etc. So if you are a of fan of movies in HD a must have app is the MX Player available on the Play Store for free. With a nice clean interface, useful settings, variety of formats and minimal ads it is the ideal app to watch movies. It is also a music player. If you are like us and find Play Music insufficient in terms of features, you may like this app. So download now for free from the Play Store.

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is an excellent game which is free to play and we have downloaded it just a week ago. We have been playing it ever since. This game has impressed us to no limits like the previous version. The game has impressed us in terms of several crucial factors. One aspect that is in mind would be the graphics which were superb on our Nexus 7 and expected to be much better on the higher performance devices such as the Nexus 5, Note 3, and Z1. Now let’s discuss the game play. It feels like a game we would pay $50 for, on a console. When we start the game we see an elaborate screen where we can go to USA (campaign) or the hideout where we can make medicine or guns. The guns are realistic and just so smooth. So hats off to Madfinger games for developing an amazing game.

How to use USB Flash Drive with Android devies – No root required

Thing you will need: Your Device

                              USB Flash Drive
                              OTG Cable
1. Go to the play store and download an app called OTG Disk Explorer Lite. This app might not work for all people. If it does not you can use Nexus Media Importer(Google Play). One can also use ES File Manager.
2.Connect the OTG cable to the device and connect your USB to it.
3.Open which ever app you have downloaded .
4.You can now view files on your USB.
Note:You can also use a card reader and externally powered portable HDDs.

Top 3 Reasons Why Android is better than iOS

1. Customization
Android can be made to look like just about anything. Different launchers can be downloaded from Google Play that are designed to be light-weight or made for simplicity. Different icon packs give combined with different launchers give your android phone a uniqueness like no other.
2. Variety
There a wide array of different android phones out there. Phones built to last, built to be cheap, built to be premium or built for emerging markets. In the world of android you can choose from different flagships or budget models, each with it’s own strong points.
3. Usefulness
Android allows a user to do many more tasks than iOS. It allows more video formats. It allows the integration of different apps into the operating system. A user choose an alternate as the default app to almost every stock app.

These are my 3 favorite advantages of Android over iOS