Top 3 Reasons Why Android is better than iOS

1. Customization
Android can be made to look like just about anything. Different launchers can be downloaded from Google Play that are designed to be light-weight or made for simplicity. Different icon packs give combined with different launchers give your android phone a uniqueness like no other.
2. Variety
There a wide array of different android phones out there. Phones built to last, built to be cheap, built to be premium or built for emerging markets. In the world of android you can choose from different flagships or budget models, each with it’s own strong points.
3. Usefulness
Android allows a user to do many more tasks than iOS. It allows more video formats. It allows the integration of different apps into the operating system. A user choose an alternate as the default app to almost every stock app.

These are my 3 favorite advantages of Android over iOS


Asus Official Travel Cover Nexus 7 2013

This case is not at all what it was hyped to be. Though the colors are good but the case it self is not. It stains very easily and seems quite flimsy. For $20 it should at least have a magnet to hold the flap in place. The flap when turned back for usage tends to pull the case off. Yet the case seem durable and tends protect the tablet well. It is a good case but definitely not worth the price its sold at.

The Moto G – Lowest High-end or Highest Low-end Smartphone?

The Moto G from Motorola may just be one of the best phones on the market in the light of ‘bang for buck ratio’. It sports the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 – Quad core – clocked at 1.2 GHz paired with an Adreno 305. With a 4.5inch IPS LCD that is 720p you will be pleased when watching a movie. It has a 5mp camera with LED flash. It has 3g but no LTE. It has a front camera 1.3mp. The 2070mAH battery should last you through the day. A fairly loud speaker that is in fact decent quality. It is available in a single sim and dual sim version. Now also a LTE version has been launched. The 8GB variant for the single and dual sim is about $180 and he 16GB at just $200 it is definitively your best bet when considering to purchase one.