ASUS ROG Gladius Gaming Mouse – Review

ASUS has recently moved into the market of gaming peripherals. One that was very appealing was ROG Gladius gaming mouse. The Mouse costs between $70 and $80. It has red coloured illumination consistent with the ROG theme. The mouse 6 programmable buttons(as ASUS describes it) but that includes left click, right click, scroll click and DPI changer. Though their functions can be changed in essence there are only two programmable buttons. The area that ASUS focussed on is customizability. The mouse has a detachable cable and comes with two of them – a 1M Rubber cable and a 2M Braided cable. The port of selection is a micro USB. The does have a latching mechanism for the cable. The customizability is not limited to that. The left/right click buttons use switchable Japanese-made Omron switches and the mouse comes with two extra along 4 extra mouse feet. These switches are easily available online  and a regular micro USB cable can be used instead. The mouse is compatible with the ROG Armoury software. This allows you to set two switchable DPIs, custom actions for keys and modify the lighting affect, acceleration and sensitivity of the mouse. The has 64KB of flash memory that you can store a profile(Mouse configuration) on it for use with different computers. The mouse has a matte plastic finish to the top with rubber grips on the sides. The mouse has a maximum DPI of 6400.

In my opinion this is a good mouse with room for improvement. Though the mouse sits comfortably in the hand, better grip would make using the mouse more pleasurable to use. Replacement cable should be available. More programmable buttons would be welcome with more lighting around the edges. ASUS has compromised slightly on quality for customizability which is not a smart bargain but luckily nothing that will affect usage and life noticeably.

Package contents
• ROG Gladius Gaming Mouse
• 1 piece 2-meter USB cable
• 1 piece 1-meter USB cable
• 2 pieces Japan-made Omron mouse switches
• 4-piece set of mouse feet
• 1 piece ROG pouch
• User documentation
• 2 pieces ROG logo stickers


Nexus 7 2013 – Poetic Revolution – Is it worth it?

The Poetic Revolution is a very good case overall bu like all others it has flaws. At about $25 – $30 it gives almost the same protection as an Otterbox case. The water-resistant dust-resistant proector on the front is very thick affecting picture quality touch response and has a nasty rainbow affect to it. We have had this case for almost 5 months now and the experience is just OK. The stand broke about 4 months in after a light fall but i was able to fix it after some difficulty. The case itself protects my tablet well and and has prevented my Nexus 7 from turning into a $250 paper-weight. Other than the small flaws it nicely grips in the hand and looks very nice in the hand. It adds a little bulk to the device that is a small price to pay for some solid protection. The stands present great angles for typing and watching movies. the case overall has a nice touch to it. We prefer it to my Asus Travel Case any day which we will review soon.

Update : Though the repaired stand did not last very long Poetic were more than happy shipping me a replacement at no charge without taking the broken one back.

Moga Pocket – Bluetooth Game Controller

The Moga Pocket is a game controller for all android 2.3+ devices. It connects via blutooth so no hasle of wires. The controller is fun to use and a good accessory to turn your phone into a legit portable game device. It is useful and perfect for free time. On the other hand the button are very clicky and the game selection is not very large. The Moga Pivot app is not to user friendly and gives trouble when connecting to the controller. A good solution which allows the controller to control the interface and work with emulators/ non-Pivot apps is the Moga Universal Driver. The controller can be bought from Moga or Amazon. We would recommend upgrading to the more advance models for the addition D-Pad and Charge Capability(select models only).

Wacom Bamboo Stylus

So, we finally received the Wacom Bamboo Stylus last week and is working great. The stylus is a great one and I just love it. This stylus is a great one and also has an awesome design. A stylish black body with a silver top and bottom! The best feature is that if you tear or wear out the tip you can simply change it. At the end of the day you got a great stylus with a smashing design!

How to use USB Flash Drive with Android devies – No root required

Thing you will need: Your Device

                              USB Flash Drive
                              OTG Cable
1. Go to the play store and download an app called OTG Disk Explorer Lite. This app might not work for all people. If it does not you can use Nexus Media Importer(Google Play). One can also use ES File Manager.
2.Connect the OTG cable to the device and connect your USB to it.
3.Open which ever app you have downloaded .
4.You can now view files on your USB.
Note:You can also use a card reader and externally powered portable HDDs.

Asus Official Travel Cover Nexus 7 2013

This case is not at all what it was hyped to be. Though the colors are good but the case it self is not. It stains very easily and seems quite flimsy. For $20 it should at least have a magnet to hold the flap in place. The flap when turned back for usage tends to pull the case off. Yet the case seem durable and tends protect the tablet well. It is a good case but definitely not worth the price its sold at.