"Can not connect to camera"

Have any of you suffered from this annoying error and just hate it. Well here is simple fix.
1. Go to Settings : Apps : All : Camera.
2. Force stop the app.
3. Clear all data
4. Restart your Nexus 7
….If this did not work try again. If you still have a problem try to boot to safe mode by holding tap and holding “power” on the power menu. You may also try a factory reset. If all else fails I think you should claim your Nexus 7 in warranty as it is probably a hardware fault!

Have you maintained your device lately(All-In-One Toolbox)?

Any smart phone or tablet from today’s time will need maintenance. This maintenance requires multiple steps. First you must clear the cache. Next, you must clean your SD card  removing thumbnails, etc. Lastly, clean history such as downloads, browser, and clipboard, Market, Gmail, etc. Doing all of this manually could be difficult hence we recommend an app called All-One-Toolbox  available on the play store for free. This will do all of these easily and give you a bunch of other useful features.

Wacom Bamboo Stylus

So, we finally received the Wacom Bamboo Stylus last week and is working great. The stylus is a great one and I just love it. This stylus is a great one and also has an awesome design. A stylish black body with a silver top and bottom! The best feature is that if you tear or wear out the tip you can simply change it. At the end of the day you got a great stylus with a smashing design!

KitKat 4.4.2-Really any different?

We received the KitKat 4.4.2 update last week and there in my opinion no difference between it and the 4.4 update. Other than stability for some features and security improvement there is only one difference. That is the transparent status bar and on screen buttons only for the lock screen. We saw no reason for the update on Nexus 7, 10, and 4. New improvements have been made for the Nexus 5 that are noticeable specifically for the camera.

A must have App – MX Player

So one thing about Android is that the default video player has a good interface but can not play HD videos such as mkv,etc. So if you are a of fan of movies in HD a must have app is the MX Player available on the Play Store for free. With a nice clean interface, useful settings, variety of formats and minimal ads it is the ideal app to watch movies. It is also a music player. If you are like us and find Play Music insufficient in terms of features, you may like this app. So download now for free from the Play Store.

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is an excellent game which is free to play and we have downloaded it just a week ago. We have been playing it ever since. This game has impressed us to no limits like the previous version. The game has impressed us in terms of several crucial factors. One aspect that is in mind would be the graphics which were superb on our Nexus 7 and expected to be much better on the higher performance devices such as the Nexus 5, Note 3, and Z1. Now let’s discuss the game play. It feels like a game we would pay $50 for, on a console. When we start the game we see an elaborate screen where we can go to USA (campaign) or the hideout where we can make medicine or guns. The guns are realistic and just so smooth. So hats off to Madfinger games for developing an amazing game.

How to use USB Flash Drive with Android devies – No root required

Thing you will need: Your Device

                              USB Flash Drive
                              OTG Cable
1. Go to the play store and download an app called OTG Disk Explorer Lite. This app might not work for all people. If it does not you can use Nexus Media Importer(Google Play). One can also use ES File Manager.
2.Connect the OTG cable to the device and connect your USB to it.
3.Open which ever app you have downloaded .
4.You can now view files on your USB.
Note:You can also use a card reader and externally powered portable HDDs.

Nexus 7, MotoG : OTG Compatible

The Nexus 7 and Moto G are OTG(on the go) compatible devices. You can buy an OTG cable from Amazon. An OTG cable provides many features for your tablet. For example you can connect your USB to your tablet or connect a mouse or keyboard. This is useful when you are on vacation and want to view your photos that you have taken. Some applications allow you to use your tablet as a screen for your DSLR. Another good feature it provides is letting you use your PS3 or XBOX 360 controller to play games. While the MotoG has native support for mass storage devices other devices might require the use of ES file manager to view the contents of a mass storage device.

Nexus 7 Review

The Nexus 7
So we finally got our nexus 7 last week and I have been using it quite heavily. The results have been good. It is super fast in terms of the UI. Now lets talk about the gaming performance. We have played some heavy games such as GTA 3, Nova 3, Real Racing 3, and Dead Trigger 1 and 2 and we can safely these games worked like a charm. In terms of the design, this portable tablet is light weight and super thin. We have had great fun using this tablet. It is a powerful tablet with a great price. The 16GB model at just $229 and 32GB at $269 is perfect for any who wants a great tablet at a great price.
Now lets talk about the display. The 1200×1980(323ppi) IPS display is just wonderful. Whether you are watching a movie,playing a game or just reading an eBook this screen will not disappoint you. Another thing we loved about this tablet is the form factor. It is great for watching a movie. Again this tablet has a competitive edge in terms of terms of the software. It has the buttery smooth stock android. The cameras are nothing too great, just your everyday tablet cameras. Battery life is quite average. We were down to 20% in just over 7 hours with a the display on for four hours(gaming) and WiFi and GPS on the entire time. So all in all this is a great tablet, amazing specs, and  a super low price tag to go along with it. I would recommend this for any gamer who wants a tablet or some one with work needs or just as a tablet for the family.