The Moto G – Best Budget Phone

The Moto G

The Moto G an average Quad-Core smartphone that is set apart from the rest by its exceptionally low price and quick software updates. The MotoG is already receiving the 4.4.3 update. It is slightly fat and but not too heavy. The 5-MP shooter at the back is fairly decent and good for on the go use. The front camera 1.3MP is only good for video calling. Excluding the camera this packs some powerful internals. The 1.2GHZ Snapdragon 400 is very good for gaming and basic functions. It is supported by an Adreno 305 but just 1GB ram. The battery, 2070mAP is able to last a full day. 720p displays are rare in phones of such a class but the MotoG has shocked us with it’s display. The screen is not the best but fairly decent. A loud speaker backed by some solid internals it is good for movies or e-book when on a budget.  The back cover can be replace for a small fee.  On the other hand the MotoG while a sturdy construction has wobbly buttons and the back cover easily dirtied. The back panel is very difficult to clean but it is just a minor set back. Calls are loud and cell reception is good but no 4G. When on such a low budget it is not really such a disadvantage. The MotoG has good benchmark scores. It has 8500 on Quadrant and about 17000 on Antutu and lastly 56.8fps on Nenamark. With the 8GB variant at $179 and the 16GB at $199 this is a solid phone with a solid price. Though the regular variant lacks 4G capabilities a water-proof, dust-proof variant of the phone is available here. This variant adds expandable storage and a white option.

Don’t like Play Music? Try DoubleTwist Music Player.

A lot of people find the features of Play Music limited. The interface is not the best `either. We have found an amazing alternate to it. It is called DoubleTwist and it is one of the most popular  music player on the Google Play store. It has an eye pleasing interface with notification controls and a lock screen widget. The application is quick and it’s free any major hiccups. It is just the best on the market, our guarantee!

Top live android wallpapers!

A thing we noticed is that the LWP section in the Play Store is strange. They are not well categorized and some are not even LWPs. Great webpages our springing up for LWP. One of the best and my personal favourite is ‘‘. It is a great website. The interface clean, smooth and easy to use. They even develope their own LWPs whichis quite cool! Be sure to give them a visit if you love LWPs. we love their site.

"Can not connect to camera"

Have any of you suffered from this annoying error and just hate it. Well here is simple fix.
1. Go to Settings : Apps : All : Camera.
2. Force stop the app.
3. Clear all data
4. Restart your Nexus 7
….If this did not work try again. If you still have a problem try to boot to safe mode by holding tap and holding “power” on the power menu. You may also try a factory reset. If all else fails I think you should claim your Nexus 7 in warranty as it is probably a hardware fault!

Have you maintained your device lately(All-In-One Toolbox)?

Any smart phone or tablet from today’s time will need maintenance. This maintenance requires multiple steps. First you must clear the cache. Next, you must clean your SD card  removing thumbnails, etc. Lastly, clean history such as downloads, browser, and clipboard, Market, Gmail, etc. Doing all of this manually could be difficult hence we recommend an app called All-One-Toolbox  available on the play store for free. This will do all of these easily and give you a bunch of other useful features.

Wacom Bamboo Stylus

So, we finally received the Wacom Bamboo Stylus last week and is working great. The stylus is a great one and I just love it. This stylus is a great one and also has an awesome design. A stylish black body with a silver top and bottom! The best feature is that if you tear or wear out the tip you can simply change it. At the end of the day you got a great stylus with a smashing design!

KitKat 4.4.2-Really any different?

We received the KitKat 4.4.2 update last week and there in my opinion no difference between it and the 4.4 update. Other than stability for some features and security improvement there is only one difference. That is the transparent status bar and on screen buttons only for the lock screen. We saw no reason for the update on Nexus 7, 10, and 4. New improvements have been made for the Nexus 5 that are noticeable specifically for the camera.