ASUS ROG Gladius Gaming Mouse – Review

ASUS has recently moved into the market of gaming peripherals. One that was very appealing was ROG Gladius gaming mouse. The Mouse costs between $70 and $80. It has red coloured illumination consistent with the ROG theme. The mouse 6 programmable buttons(as ASUS describes it) but that includes left click, right click, scroll click and DPI changer. Though their functions can be changed in essence there are only two programmable buttons. The area that ASUS focussed on is customizability. The mouse has a detachable cable and comes with two of them – a 1M Rubber cable and a 2M Braided cable. The port of selection is a micro USB. The does have a latching mechanism for the cable. The customizability is not limited to that. The left/right click buttons use switchable Japanese-made Omron switches and the mouse comes with two extra along 4 extra mouse feet. These switches are easily available online  and a regular micro USB cable can be used instead. The mouse is compatible with the ROG Armoury software. This allows you to set two switchable DPIs, custom actions for keys and modify the lighting affect, acceleration and sensitivity of the mouse. The has 64KB of flash memory that you can store a profile(Mouse configuration) on it for use with different computers. The mouse has a matte plastic finish to the top with rubber grips on the sides. The mouse has a maximum DPI of 6400.

In my opinion this is a good mouse with room for improvement. Though the mouse sits comfortably in the hand, better grip would make using the mouse more pleasurable to use. Replacement cable should be available. More programmable buttons would be welcome with more lighting around the edges. ASUS has compromised slightly on quality for customizability which is not a smart bargain but luckily nothing that will affect usage and life noticeably.

Package contents
• ROG Gladius Gaming Mouse
• 1 piece 2-meter USB cable
• 1 piece 1-meter USB cable
• 2 pieces Japan-made Omron mouse switches
• 4-piece set of mouse feet
• 1 piece ROG pouch
• User documentation
• 2 pieces ROG logo stickers


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