Nexus 7 Review

The Nexus 7
So we finally got our nexus 7 last week and I have been using it quite heavily. The results have been good. It is super fast in terms of the UI. Now lets talk about the gaming performance. We have played some heavy games such as GTA 3, Nova 3, Real Racing 3, and Dead Trigger 1 and 2 and we can safely these games worked like a charm. In terms of the design, this portable tablet is light weight and super thin. We have had great fun using this tablet. It is a powerful tablet with a great price. The 16GB model at just $229 and 32GB at $269 is perfect for any who wants a great tablet at a great price.
Now lets talk about the display. The 1200×1980(323ppi) IPS display is just wonderful. Whether you are watching a movie,playing a game or just reading an eBook this screen will not disappoint you. Another thing we loved about this tablet is the form factor. It is great for watching a movie. Again this tablet has a competitive edge in terms of terms of the software. It has the buttery smooth stock android. The cameras are nothing too great, just your everyday tablet cameras. Battery life is quite average. We were down to 20% in just over 7 hours with a the display on for four hours(gaming) and WiFi and GPS on the entire time. So all in all this is a great tablet, amazing specs, and  a super low price tag to go along with it. I would recommend this for any gamer who wants a tablet or some one with work needs or just as a tablet for the family.


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