Nexus 7 2013 – Poetic Revolution – Is it worth it?

The Poetic Revolution is a very good case overall bu like all others it has flaws. At about $25 – $30 it gives almost the same protection as an Otterbox case. The water-resistant dust-resistant proector on the front is very thick affecting picture quality touch response and has a nasty rainbow affect to it. We have had this case for almost 5 months now and the experience is just OK. The stand broke about 4 months in after a light fall but i was able to fix it after some difficulty. The case itself protects my tablet well and and has prevented my Nexus 7 from turning into a $250 paper-weight. Other than the small flaws it nicely grips in the hand and looks very nice in the hand. It adds a little bulk to the device that is a small price to pay for some solid protection. The stands present great angles for typing and watching movies. the case overall has a nice touch to it. We prefer it to my Asus Travel Case any day which we will review soon.

Update : Though the repaired stand did not last very long Poetic were more than happy shipping me a replacement at no charge without taking the broken one back.


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