Moto G – App crash and Misbehavior

Many Moto G users have faced problems involving apps crashing and the system misbehaving. Others symptom include multiple reboots and the phone refusing to unlock if password is enabled. To solve this the method is to factory reset. Now none of us want to restore the app, pictures, videos, music among others manually which an take some time. A quicker solution is as follows :

1. Tap the Power button while pressing volume down. (after powering down the phone).
2. Using the hardware keys enter the recovery.
3. Once you are in recovery press the volume up and power button at the same time.
4. Scroll down to the erase cache and choose it.
5 Now reboot your phone.
6. (If password is applied) Press forget password.
7. Clear the data for Setting in Settings : Apps : All Apps : Settings : Clear Data
8. Now go to About Phone and tap Build Number 7 times.
9. Go to Developer Settings.
10. Now change the runtime to Dalvik. (if it is Dalvik change it to ART then change back to Dalvik after the phone reboots)
Now, your phone is fixed!


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